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Once again in 2013 a number of new models have been added to the MEISTER wedding ring collection, with a choice of four fascinating design lines. MEISTER is catering to the growing trend in engagement and solitaire rings with this captivating range of models. The 2013 collection represents the marriage of trend-consciousness with timeless elegance, ideal in combination with a wedding ring – or individually as an engagement ring. Experience the MEISTER wedding ring collection at a jeweller near you.

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Wedding planning is always a key part in the wedding and they matters a lot in making the wedding a success. In light of that wedding plays an unparallel role in one’s life, wedding is invariably the most important event for most couples since they may be once-in-a-life event for them.

Speaking of the concrete wedding planning, there are many details need to be taken consideration to, including wedding invitations, wedding receptions, wedding dresses and even wedding centerpieces. Nothing is supposed to be wrong and that really takes effort and time.

As to the wedding invitations, since they set the tone for the wedding and partly decide whether the guests will come or not, much attention has been attached to preparing for it. First of all, considering that many wedding have a theme, you can apply the theme into the wedding invites, which will further make the wedding look more harmonious.

The wedding dress is probably what most brides-to-be concern. It is a symbol of love with decorations of all kinds, and they make the brides look gorgeous on such a significant day. Anyway, wedding dress is really a great part for you to purchase. And you should brighten you eyes to choose the most right one which suits your body and makes you look fantastic.

Among all the planning, wedding centerpieces is probably the only one that affects the overall feel of a wedding. Since there are always served as the decoration in the wedding, they always affect the guests’ feeling for the touch they convey. For example, if you are throwing a wedding in autumn, you are advised to choose flowers of various colors as the centerpieces in the center of the reception table, which will anyway make the wedding atmosphere more harmonious.

There may be many other things that need to be taken into consideration, but what you should always bear in mind is to make everything in order so that it will save you much trouble and make the whole wedding more adorable and unforgettable.

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Wedding cakes are one of the things a bride should consider when planning her wedding. Wedding cakes symbolize the sweetness and the charm of a wedding! And just like wedding dresses, wedding cakes also come with endless options. It can be overwhelming. But you will never go wrong with the popular wedding cakes of 2012. Let’s take a look at some of the popular wedding cakes and it may help you with your selection of wedding cakes.

Firstly, here comes the cheesecake with fresh fruit toppings. It is a simple and delicious wedding cake that allowing colorful fruits and flowers to add much sweet, love and romance to the wedding. If you want to make such a wedding cake more standard, you can frost it with cream cheese icing.

Second, today’s fashion trend sees a dazzling array of deconstructed wedding cakes become the favorite among brides. It is a kind of fantastic wedding cake with each layer on separate floating cake stands of varying heights. It is very stylish and it can help prevent the dreaded cake-collapsing blunder.

Third, the cupcake tower is no longer only popular among celebrity weddings. More and more couples choose to have such wedding cakes. It is quite easy to make. You can even make such a wedding cake by your own if the number of your guests isn’t too overwhelming.

Wedding cakes can be customized with extra tiers, colors and toppings to reflect the personality and likings of the couple. Whatever idea you choose to go with, the uniqueness of your wedding cakes will be surely remembered and enjoyed by all your guests. It’s one of the easiest ways to stand out from all other weddings. Just go for popular wedding cakes.

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White gold wedding rings gain in popularity in recent years. Many brides choose to wear white gold wedding rings, the exquisite pieces of workmanship. White gold wedding rings are very glamorous and elegant. Those who want to go with the bling appeal should choose white gold wedding rings. White gold wedding rings will stay timeless as the years go by. To symbolize the never-ending eternity of your love, white gold wedding rings are the right way to go.

Wedding rings are really popular. White gold wedding rings are equally as popular for men as they are for women and many couples today are both wearing such rings. Yeah, now it is quite common to see married couples giving each other white gold wedding rings as gifts. White gold wedding rings have become ideal things for couples to express the continuance of commitment in marriage and symbolize the happiness of a lasting marriage.

White gold wedding rings come in different designs and styles and you are guaranteed to find the one you are looking for. There are traditional,, modern and vintage styles of white gold wedding rings catering to the tastes of most people. If you can’t find the perfect one,, you can have your ring custom designed.

This wedding rings will always be the popular choice for most couples, simply because they are exquisite looking. Why not choose white gold wedding rings, you know you will never get wrong with them. Just go for white gold wedding rings right now.

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Always remember the three principles while selecting jewelry wedding rings. First,, is to be preparing early. Start looking for a wedding ring at least three to four months before your wedding. Secondly, take your partner while you’re purchasing the ring, so that you both are happy with ring you have bought. Selecting jewelry wedding rings is one of the sweetest memory a couple can make together. Thirdly, see which brand you want to buy. Jewelry wedding rings are available in many brand and designer names, many have their separate stores. Carefully analyze the different styles each brand had to offer and the after sales services.

Jewelry wedding rings are found in many different metals, there are gold wedding rings,, platinum rings, silver rings and then they have white gold rings, diamond rings. The variety is endless when we talk about jewelry wedding rings, you have to see in which metal you want. Fine gold has more value,Pokemon Go Women Tank Tops, though their color changes when you wear them constantly. Whilst, platinum is not of that great value but its color rarely changes. Another type of jewelry wedding rings that are popular are of K gold, this is usually the choice of young people, they have a diamond stud in the middle. Rings having diamonds or gems are truly timeless and definitely the best. However, wedding rings should be simple and elegant in design. They should represent gracefulness and uniqueness. You should pay special attention to the rings value. A ring that diminishes in value too soon will not be a good choice. The rings having gemstones are of high value.

Lastly, but most important is the after sales service. You should buy rings from the store that offers exceptional after sale service that includes repairing and maintenance services free for a life time.

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I love the vintage Rolex goodies : the old ads, boxes,, tags, chronometer papers, pamphlets, booklets, etc…To me,, they are as collectible as the watches and when I have a chance,, I purchase one even if I don’t have the corresponding model in my collection.

The booklets in particular are great reading: like the old ads, they really illustrate what the idea was when Rolex designed a specific model and what this watch represented at the time. Here are some old leaflets and booklets of my collection…


There are some exciting new trends in the 2012 wedding gown collections. From interesting necklines to daring skirts (slits!) to elegant cover ups,, brides will have many gorgeous styles from which to choose. Learn more about these fantastic fresh details we will be seeing on 2012 Wedding Gowns.

Bridal fashion has become much more tied to runway and ready-to-wear design than it used to be. Trends evolve and change more quickly in bridal these days, keeping them in sync with style developments in the rest of the fashion world. One great example of this is the 2012 wedding dresses with front slits in the skirts. Slits were a hot trend in ready-to-wear, and bridal designers have embraced this daring style in their 2012 collections. A front slit wedding gown is ideal for the bride who wants to feel sexy and fashion-forward on her wedding day. A variety of designers featured dresses with front slits, including Ines di Santo,, Angel Sanchez, and Hayley Paige. Shop for dramatic wedding jewelry to suit the striking design of the front slit gowns.

Another great option for the daring 2012 bride is a wedding gown with a low cut back. Designers such as Marchesa featured styles with modest front necklines paired with very daring backs. One of Marchesa’s standout designs was a fluid crepe column dress that dipped low into a draped cowl just above the tailbone. A special feature of that gown is that it takes advantage of another 2012 wedding dress trend: embellished illusion. The open back is covered by a sheer material which is decorated with a lovely floral accent “growing” up the back. It adds an unexpected detail, and the illusion also helps to ensure that the dress does not slip around, despite the wide open back. If you want an even sexier low cut back, turn to Pnina Tornai, who is a master of designing bridal gowns which conceal only the essentials. Elizabeth Fillmore created a slinky gown with a barely-there crisscross strap across the open back, for yet another beautiful option.

Sweetheart necklines have been quite popular in the last few seasons, and for 2012 weddings there will be an elegant new take on this flattering line. The freshest trend in bridal necklines is a sweetheart bodice covered at the top with sheer illusion. What really makes it special is that the sheer fabric is adorned with crystals, beads, or appliques. The details look so lovely against the skin, and the illusion neckline is a refreshing change from the usual strapless gown. Since there is so much detail at the top of these dresses, look for wedding jewelry sets with fabulous earrings and bracelets,, instead of wearing a necklace. The embellished illusion neckline was shown by numerous designers, including Reem Acra, Jenny Packham, and Randi Rahm.

Wondering what the hottest new wedding gown accessory will be for 2012 weddings? The answer is the capelet. A short little cape that is worn indoors (versus a full length cape, which is outerwear), a capelet is a great way to add coverage to a strapless bridal gown for the ceremony. They usually stop just above the waist, and some capelets dip lower in the back. Look for capelets made from sheer illusion material or beautiful lace. You will be the height of style when you embrace this new 2012 wedding gown trend.

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At SIHH 2009,, Cartier will present an exceptional haute horlogerie complication within the iconic form of its Tank Americaine watch.

The Cartier Tank Americaine Tourbillon Volant watch is animated by the hand-wound Calibre 9452 MC, Cartier’s first in-house tourbillon caliber.

The movement comprises 19 jewels and 142 spinning, moving and rotating parts beeping at 21,,600 bph and providing a 50 hours power reserve.

The younger square-cut sibling offers a 18k pink gold eye-catching finish and a beveled crown set with a sapphire cabochon as highlight alongside the transparent case-back made of sapphire crystal,

Completing the elegantly luxurious presence of the Cartier Tank Americaine Tourbillon Volant watch is a hand-sewn strap in crocodile leather,, and a rose gold buckle. The timepiece is water resistant to 30 meters.

Cartier Roadster Watch, Cartier introduced the company in 2001 in honor of its 150 anniversary. And time flies, Roadster Watch Collection is committed to finding a tremendous success. In addition, Cartier Roadster has also launched a perfume. Cartier is a very strong brand recognition not only watch but also to fragrance, it has to offer.

A particularly successful and positive person is to represent what the Roadster watch. Roadster has been designed for users, and in addition to all elements of the timepieces are finely crafted, which makes the show, that these elements work in a roadster watch. In addition, Cartier Roadster watches have attractive to the eye on the dial and the frame,Bathing Suit Beach Dresses Swimsuit Cover Ups, which usually attract other well-known high quality watches.

Cartier Roadster watches the inspiration of the world started looking for cars. In addition,, the Roadster with automatic winding Cartier caliber 8510 mechanical movement. The hands are luminous sword-shaped black oxidized steel and the watch is waterproof. Can be used up to a depth of 100 meters. Area of the face is covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal used.

However,, always remember that Cartier watches have been created since the first World War II. One of the watches that were created by Louis Cartier is influenced by the Allied armored fighting vehicles, who defended France during the Great War. And this watch is well known Tank watch. The first example of this watch was presented to American General John J. Pershing.

The company is also known in the case of Cartier watches lady. Cartier with competitive business intelligence by Michele, had the straps of his fashion lines easily interchangeable in a variety of colors. This was an easier way to have a clock that can be used for different modes.

So far, some of the newest additions to the collection Cartier Roadster Lady Tank Caine Ameri, Pasha 38mm White gold, WG Tank Francaise, Pasha 35mm Chronograph, and. Cartier Other all time favorites writst clock consists of Cartier Tank Francaise, 21 Chrono, Santos de Cartier, Roadster,, Cartier Panther Cartier Divan, Cartier Pasha C, Pasha, Dump Tank, Tank Ameri Caine and Must de Cartier Chrono .

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When brides wear strapless wedding dress many people show their indignation as they think brides reveal too much. Yes, many still imagine wedding gowns to be white, of classical cut, a little bit puffed,, and completed with classical wedding veil. But times change, everything changes, and bridal fashion is not the exception. Nowadays most of bridezillas consider that more they open their delights more they are sexy and attractive. Exactly for such ‘advanced’ brides the German brand Kaviar Gauche presented a very bold wedding outfit yesterday at Berlin fashion week. Taking into consideration its risqué nature,Game Pokemon Go Men T-shirt, this, so to say, wedding gown is suitable for beach ceremony or the wedding night even more.

The wedding dress is made up of a few small sections of white fabric attached together with a central strip. The base of this ensemble is a white bikini set with thong brief, and the whole outfit is covered by a translucent organza veil.

Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl,replica watches, the designers who created this dress have been kicking off provocative shows since founding label Kaviar Gauche in 2003. For example,,at 2009/10 handbag collection show, Fischer-Röhler and Kühl sent models down the catwalk almost nude but for been dripped with placed accessories. Though, either conservative or traditional, this design duo is known as the individualists in the bridal design world. There’s a question popped up in everybody’s mind: will the look catch on among modern brides?

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